If this is a female-led group, are men welcome to participate?

Of course! We welcome everyone to participate in our group runs and events.

Runs and aid stations are female-led, and leadership roles are filled by women.

Do I need to become a member in order to attend group runs?

If you are running with us on a consistent basis, we appreciate that you become an official dues-paying member.

Annual membership dues cover expenses related to insurance and special events, such as our summer cookout, holiday party, and other occasions. Memberships are $20 annually and funds are used solely for our community.

I am new to the area, or a new trail runner. Will I be able to find my way during the Monday night run?

We strive to be an inclusive and welcoming group, particularly to beginner trail runners.

We are a running group, and it is helpful if you are able to run 2.5 miles with minimal hiking to stay within the group. If you would like to join us to hike the 2.5 mile loop you are more than welcome; however, you will need to pair with another hiker who knows the trail.

Monday runs are considered a social pace. When necessary we divide into pace groups. Runs will have a leader at the front and back. Leaders stop and regroup at key intersections to ensure the group stays together and no one goes off trail.

If you would prefer to run at a faster pace, you may continue on at intersections; however, run leaders are not responsible for you staying on trail. Though this is allowed, it is preferred that people stay within the group.

Do Monday night runs ever get cancelled?

We meet for the Monday night run unless there is extreme weather, such as lightning, a downpour, a snow storm, etc. Please check our Facebook group page for updates.

Monday night runs happen year-round! When it gets dark early, we use headlamps. We meet when there is snow on the ground as well, pending road conditions.